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Awesome Business Awesome Life

An Ambitious Business Owners Guide to Controlled, Consistent and Rapid Growth

"Have you ever looked at your business or life and thought “How the hell did I end up here ?”

  • You are feeling overwhelmed and not making any progress.
  • Unsatisfied financially.
  • Scratching around with no clear plan on where you are heading


It’s ok, you’re not alone, many business owners end up in the same boat looking for the latest guru or the next big thing to save the day. If you haven’t achieved what you wanted when you first went into business, maybe now is the time you took a different approach.

That approach needs to be consistent and sustainable, whilst providing a pace of growth that doesn’t see your business and life stuck in neutral.

In Awesome Business, Awesome Life, you will discover the 5 step structured approach to Achieving what you originally set out to do when you started your business.

You will gain clarity around where your business is at now, where you want it to be, and how to implement the strategy to get it there. The book will also allow you to:

  • Know your business value and find easy cashflow and profit wins immediately
  • Understand the key numbers every business owner MUST know
  • Create a clear Action Plan to make sure the right things get done
  • Develop a cycle of constant improvement and accountability


This isn’t a boring textbook, rather a practical, easy to follow guide for you to achieve truly awesome things. Whether you are new to business; established but wanting more; or planning your exit, the structure you learn in this book will get you there.



Awesome Business Awesome Life | business

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Awesome Business Awesome Life | business

Why I wrote this book

As a Chartered Accountant and Business Coach, I’ve seen first hand the endless tussle business owners have, as they work to achieve their goals.

Too often, the initial enthusiasm disappears, replaced by long hours, unsatisfactory reward for effort, and a clock that just keeps ticking.

So I thought I would create a structured way to achieve those things you originally set out to do.

No hype, no internet guru’s program to rev you up, then let you down. Just common sense, practical advice, built around 5 key business disciplines.

I’ve mixed my vast knowledge of business numbers with the more nuanced skills of coaching, to create a business model that works. My inner circle of clients achieve 30% + growth in business value as a result of applying these structured principles. This book gives you access to that model and the results that follow.


An Ambitious Business Owners Guide to Controlled, Consistent and Rapid Growth

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