FREE Business Continuity Meetings for Small Business

How will your business respond to a Covid-19 shutdown ?

With repeated industry lockdowns in place, there has never been a more important time to get a plan in place.

So, we are giving back to the local business community that has supported us for the last 19 years. 30 minute Free Online meetings to help you navigate the current situation and make sure your business can survive.

Starting 27th March 2020, we are offering our FREE Business Continuity Meetings or BCM’s as they’ll be known.

30 minute meetings via Zoom, Facetime or Phone, Mon-Fri 8-8, Sat 9-12. The meetings will cover What you need to be planning for now, How we can assist you with the key areas of your plan (and how to make sure you get it right) and how to get started. It looks easy on the face of it, to come up with a few ideas, but like anything in business , you have to get the detail  and the implementation right.

Let’s get your business the help it needs.

To book a session simply go to:

Feel free to share to a business owner that you may know, we are there to help.