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About Us

Direction takes a modern approach to what is typically an old fashioned stale industry.

Direction provide Accounting, Business Development and Coaching Services with a strong panel of business service partners to provide complete servicing of your financial needs. Direction has been established on the basis of creating a community around our clients and a single access point to business and personal financial services. This provides you the client with a consistent approach when dealing with your important financial issues.

David Ross CA

Direction is headed up by David Ross. David is a Chartered Accountant and Business Coach who enables Small Business Owners to achieve the financial and lifestyle outcomes they originally went into business for. 

Often referred to as “The SuperCoach” of the Accounting and Business Coaching industry, David has successfully worked with over 1200 businesses: He knows what works and more importantly, what doesn’t. 

David’s work has been featured in both The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and he has been a 6 times finalist in the Chamber of Commerce Business Awards for both Financial Services and Business Leadership.

David’s track record of coaching business owners to increase the value of their business by an average of 32%, ensures that his clients are building great businesses NOW, and establishing financial security into the FUTURE.

David ross, Chartered Accountant, Financial Planning, business adviser, business development