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All business owners have got to do it … the dreaded tax return. Whether it be Business or Individual Tax, you need to rest assured that your accountant is working for you, not the tax man.

Quite often, you will hear stories about how great this accountant is, how great that accountant is, when it comes to tax.

Fact is, Direction work with the same set of rules as everyone else. If you’re good at what we do, and at Direction,we are, there should be no difference in the end result between accountants as far as tax goes. It all comes down to experience and the application of the knowledge.

Every business and Individual is different, and every situation has to be fully understood before a final solution can be found for a client.

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Why Choose Direction?

With over 25 years Business and Individual Tax experience, our team provides you with a thorough tax service, ensuring the rules are fully understood and applied but at all times ensuring your interests are taken care of so you don’t risk ATO audits.

Direction also make sure our business clients have an annual Tax Planning Review to make sure they are aware of their estimated tax, as well as any action that can be taken to minimise it prior to the year end.