Being located in a hospitality hotspot, Direction Accounting and Business Coaching get the issues you face.

Long hours, totally different to the glossy bright lights you thought it would be when you stood on the other side of the bar/desk/counter. 

The need to monitor everything that moves. If you run a Pub, it’s all about margins and patronage. Running a Motel, you are all about occupancy rates, staffing and property maintenance costs. 

If Food or Coffee is your thing, you may be worried about keeping check of wastage and product costs, efficient rostering and staff costs, as well as average $ sale and table turnover (covers).

Hospitality, Direction Accounting

Believe it or not, most of this information comes as a by product of your core Point of Sale and Accounting systems. But having there data their is one thing, using it is another. 

We have found that our Hospitality clients love that Direction Accounting and Business Coaching can help them extract the key data from their systems, present it in an at a glance dashboard and take time to discuss what it all means and what to do next.

It’s much more than just crunching the numbers on your tax.