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A great Accountant and Business Coach should be looking out for you in 4 key areas:

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Your Numbers

Like it or loathe it, keeping track of the numbers in your business is critical. Direction help you get the numbers right, and then understand what they mean, but more importantly, if you have your numbers up to date, you can really understand what is happening in your business.

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Your Tax

We’ve all got to do it … the dreaded tax return? Whether it be Business or Individual Tax, Direction Accounting take the confusion away and get you the best possible result. We also make sure that you plan well in advance for your tax, applying cutting edge strategies to your financial situation.

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Your Business

We know that you want more from your Accountant than just crunching numbers and doing the Tax. Our Business Coaches can help you get more profit and cashflow in your business, creating the platform for financial security.

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Your Life

Yep…YOU…the most important part of the equation. Your business and your life are linked. One doesn’t work without the other. Our Business Coaching helps you Achieve the outcomes that you originally went into business for.

Direction Accounting Also Work with

Our extensive experience allows us to offer a complete, knowledgeable service to any industry. Direction Accounting take the time to understand your business as well as what you are trying to achieve as an owner. Check out how we work with a few different industries below.

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Being located in a hospitality hotspot, we get the issues you face. Long hours, totally different to the glossy bright lights you thought it would be . .

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We are passionate about advising Doctors, Dentists, Medical Specialists and other Allied Health Professionals in private practice. We also support . .