We all know the horror stories. Retail is dead…online is where it’s at.

Well we have always had a passion for retail and we believe that structured correctly you can have a very successful retail business.

But you can’t just open up the door and expect it to happen anymore…It takes some smart thinking.

Firstly, we make sure our retail clients have a seamless accounting system in place, from back end purchasing and inventory through to the latest in Point of Sale systems.

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It is critical that you work with an accountant who has a great working knowledge and is able to help integrate your complete accounting system. 

Customer growth is also high on a retail business’ list. We assist our retail clients with advice on areas such as social media marketing, customer service and better sales techniques.

As a retailer, your profit margins are more important than customer growth. Our experts help you understand and monitor your profit margins and adjust when required. Small changes have a huge impact on retail when you get the right advice.