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Keeping Your Business In Touch with Direction in Laurieton

For almost 20 years we have been supporting the businesses of the Camden Haven with our Easy to Deal with, Easy to understand service.

Our team have specialist experience in key industries such as Health, Food/Hospitality and Real Estate.

It is important to have an accountant and business coach that is easy to access. Our team will come to you, making managing the financial aspects of your business more convenient.

Key Insights at a glance

It’s vitally important in business to understand key insights in your local area. We’ve taken the time to compile some key data for you taken from various sources such as Census, Economic Development Boards and other information services. If you have any queries on how the data may affect your business, please get in touch with our team.

Laurieton |

Population: 18,623

Laurieton |

Top Employing Industry: Health Care

Laurieton |

Total Number of Businesses : 1,036

Laurieton |

# Business <5 employees: 937

Laurieton |

Top Industry: Construction

Laurieton |

# Business Insolvencies: NA

Latest Local Business News in Laurieton

A mission to save coffee waste from landfill by the passionate horticulturalist Marty Ware, a North Haven resident. He describes the grounds of coffee beans as a powerhouse nutrient and is high in around 12 different types of minerals. Mr. Ware has built a great relationship with the some of the restaurants and cafes in the Camden Haven area and can collect over 200 litres of coffee waste in just one week. He encourages other people to approach their cafes and collect ground coffee waste, to benefit their gardens and help the environment… Read Full Article here