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Business Continuity Plans

A Business Continuity Plan is simply a plan to help you calmly prepare for what is happening and what will happen to your business as a result of Covid-19.

It has become clear aftyer the first two stages of business lockdowns and closures, that those without a plan, immediately go into a mad panic, trying to implement everything in a small window of time.

NOW is the time to plan. If the government announced a 3rd major Lockdown including all non essential service, what will you do.

What will you need to do staff wise?

How will you survive with restricted ability to earn income

What opportunities will come when business returns to normal.

It is critical that you consider actions you can take now, and will need to take in coming weeks and months.

We can help.

We are currently running Business Continuity Planning sessions comprising of:

  1. ½ hour Virtual Meeting to take you through the planning process, finding out what you currently have in place and what needs to be implemented and/or on standby.

You will also receive your individualised plan to allow you to start implementing straight away in your business.

Time is of the essence with this stuff. If you don’t believe me, ask the owner of your local Pub which had about 15 hours to get ready to shut it’s doors.

The meetings are $550 + GST which is massive value, given that your plan may just save your livelihood.

If you would like to register for a Covid-19 Business Continuity Planning Session please click here.

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