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Proposed Jobkeeper Payment – What do I have to do?

The Government has announced on 30th March, further
assistance for employers in the way of a Jobkeeper Payment.

This payment will essentially provide eligible employers with
a fortnightly payment of $1,500 per eligible employee. The payment is aimed at
helping employers retain staff during the Covid-19 crisis.

Very little detail, other than two fact sheets, on specifics of this yet. As advisors, we will need to wait for draft legislation before we can advise in detail. We understand that many of you will be anxious regarding your entitlement to these payments however based on current information we will only be able to give “thereabouts” advice at best.

Everyone will have specific circumstances and the info at
this stage just isn’t enough for many.

Issues such as casual workers, the mechanics around the integration of the payment and the STP system, and owner employees are just a few of the issues that have grey areas.

The most important thing is to Register on the ATO link HERE and stay tuned as they draft the legislation and we all get more info.

If you would like to access the Treasury Factsheet for employers, you can view it HERE

We have also included a summary of the currently known info Here Source: NTAA

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