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Getting More out of your Xero

The uptake of Xero and other cloud systems has been significant in the last two years as we see the early adoption phase move on to the early majority. With this though come some real risks to the business. We often see advisors putting clients on systems with very little training. And while programs like Xero are easy to use, once you move past the basics, it can be a real time consuming, (and ultimately costly in $) exercise to get things right.

Direction has been using Xero for 11 years, almost as long as the product has been in existence. Our team is an expert, not only the core product but also in the integration of add on apps such as Receipt Bank, Deputy, and Vend.

If you are a little lost with how to get the most out of your Xero, we are taking pre-registrations for our Xero Training courses starting late April.

At these sessions, you will learn great tips and tricks to not only master the basics but also ensure that you maximise the features you use to get great value from your software.

If you would like to pre-register contact us here.


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