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Latest ATO Scam – Don’t get caught

Latest ATO Scam - Don't get caught | ATO Scam

ATO Scam Alert:

If you receive a phone call from anyone stating that they are from the ATO/and or police, claiming that you have outstanding tax matters and there is a warrant for your arrest, THIS IS A SCAM.

Do NOT under any circumstances provide them with any details.

It has been reported to us that the caller will ask for you tax agents phone number and then use some form of Caller ID software to call you back and impersonate your agent.

They then (in this case) call again claiming to be from Victorian police.

Taxpayers should note that the ATO will NEVER contact clients directly in this manner, whether they have an agent or not.

Safest option is to ask for their call back details (in most cases they will refuse) and contact your accountant. Do not provide any personal data to such callers.

And yes, this just happened locally to a client, so don’t think we are immune.

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