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Jobsaver mess continues – Here’s what you need to know so you don’t overclaim


ServiceNSW continue to make a mess of Jobsaver and the latest Covid related stimulus payments. Here is an update on the latest issues, please ensure that you read through these as they may affect your recent and ongoing claims and reporting. We understand the frustration this has caused, however we can only work and advise on the rules as they are released.

If you need further info, please contact our office.

1. Reporting periods. – ServiceNSW originally required fortnightly assessments starting from fortnight ended 12 September. They then announced a deferral of this to the 26th September. PROBLEM IS, when a small business logs in to report, it still wants the 12 September fortnight. They have indicated that this will be removed and fixed by the end of this week. At the time of writing, we are still waiting.

Action required: Hold off on reporting until they fix it. If you mistakenly reported that you were not eligible for the f/e 12th September, you may have to repay that fortnights payment. See point 3 below. We understand the frustration this has caused.

2. Ineligible for future fortnights – As ServiceNSW are currently paying funds in advance of eligibility reporting each fortnight, you may be required to repay any funds for fortnights that you are determined not eligible. See point 3 below.

3. No repayment mechanism currently available – In their wisdom, Service NSW do not currently have in place a mechanism to repay funds where you are ineligible. They have reported that they will advise the mechanism for repaying overpayments soon. In the meantime, we suggest that you ensure you set aside the funds until advised of your eligibility each fortnight, so they can be readily repaid when required. 

4. The NSW Government has announced that it will extend the JobSaver program and Micro-business Grant programs to work alongside the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. The JobSaver extension will be wholly funded by the NSW Government until it ends on 30 November. This will result in a change to payments from the 10th October and again once the 80% double vaccination target is reached.

The following rates will apply [source: The Tax Institute]

Accordingly, the payment will taper as follows:
▪️ Current rate (paid fortnightly) — 40% of weekly payroll | Employing: $1,500 to $100,000 per week | Non-employing: $1,000 per week
▪️ After 10 October — 30% of weekly payroll | Employing: $1,125 to $75,000 per week | Non-employing: $750 per week
▪️ At 80% double vaccination — 15% of weekly payroll | Employing: $562.50 to $37,500 per week | Non-employing: $375 per week.

The Micro-business Grant will be reduced by 50% from $1,500 per fortnight to $750 per fortnight once the 80% double vaccination target is reached.

The rules regarding the payments seem to change daily and there will be further updates in the days and weeks ahead.


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