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Update on Jobsaver Fortnightly reporting

Following Service NSW springing a fortnightly reporting requirement on business for Jobsaver, then offering a fortnights grace period, we can confirm that the latest update is that reporting will commence following the fortnight ended 26th September.

Reporting will be required each fortnight in arrears, with businesses needing to compare their revenue on the same basis as their original assessment eg If compared using 2019, you will compare each fortnight against a 2019 comparison. If you used 2020, you will compare the fortnight against same period in 2020.

As this is a fortnightly assessment, a business may be eligible one fortnight and not eligible the next.

As a result it will be critical for businesses to have their figures up to date at the end of every fortnight, to allow them to assess and claim payment if eligible.

This is a massive impost on struggling small business , however one which we need to abide by.

If you would like assistance in managing your Jobsaver reporting, please contact our office.

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